Friday, September 2, 2011

A Poem Far Far Away

There was a man, in a galaxy far away,
He lived with his aunt, plowed sand every day,
He bought some 'droids, one had a 'gram,
A damsel in distress, Luke got up and ran.

There was this other bloke, white grey beard,
Wasn't scared of 'owt, nothing he feared.
He had this sword thing, of immense laser power,
Could cut off limbs, like an evil lawn mower.

These two teamed up, to save this girl,
They went into town and their plan unfurled.
They did some magic, on the mind of a guard,
These are not the 'droids, you're looking for.

They went to a bar, as low as you can go,
To meet a dodgy bloke, call Han Solo.
Don't look my way, you stupid rookie,
I'll tear off your arms, thanks to my Wookie.

They went into space, in a big shiny ship,
The Millenium Falcon, they liked to call it.
There was some shooty stuff, and they went afar,
in search of a place, called the Mighty Death Star.

It was run by a dood, with a black shiny head,
His name was Vader and he wanted them dead.
They sneaked aboard and around for a bit,
Then fell into a waste area, and a bottomless pit.

They found the girl, trapped in a cell.
To get out of there, they had to run like hell.
This star was called Death, for a reason,
It could kill entire planets, whatever the season.

So they flew their planes, towards a very small hole.
A laser bolt or two, it went up in smoke.
But that's not the end, of the dark scary dood,
With his long flowing cape and manner so rude.

It turns out he's the dad, of the original guy,
And the girl's his sis, apple of his eye.
He spins out of sight and into deep space,
With his breathless voice, and mask-covered face.

The rebels had won, no more to do,
That is until, movie number two.
The moral of this tale is perfectly clear,
Bung up your holes or in space you'll be smeared.

The End

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