Friday, January 4, 2013

Companies who are good at Twitter

In an antonymous post to the one I did here I have decided to also compile a list of companies who DO respond on Twitter.  You may have a complaint and they may not even resolve it but at least they try and for that, we can only give them top marks.  These are companies who have decided that Twitter is a good thing and provides a meaningful way to interact with customers, both current and potential.


@TescoUK - tried really hard to sort out our problem.
@photobox - not really conversed with them on Twitter but their phone and online service was so good, I couldn't help but give them a plug here.
@vodafone - replied fairly quickly to a complaint I had even if they didn't really solve the problem.
@ovoenergy - very personal, friendly and knowledgeable.
@Npoweruk - even though I'm shocked at some of the replies they gave me to over the phone regarding a problem I have with an electric meter, they at least read it and DM'd me on Twitter.  Their feed is still full of funny pics and articles about themselves though.

Not very long is it?  Send me your good or bad experience and I'll try and keep this updated.

Companies who ignore you on Twitter

Twitter can be a great but trying to get a response from companies with a presence on these kinds of social networks can be a horribly frustrating experience.  I read a report (here) that suggested 70% of companies don't respond on social networks, citing 'fear' as the main reason.  To that end, I have decided to only do business with companies who take a proactive approach to their social networking footprint.  And here, I'm also including companies who send stock answers or have a 'not us' attitude.  I bet they're all shitting themselves now.

So far, the following (very small) list of companies I will resolutely try and avoid in any way shape or form in the future because they steadfastly refuse to answer any tweet whatsoever:

@barclaysonline - although, avoiding these is also a moral undertaking I urge anyone to take.
@crosscountryuk .. because .. just because.
@passengerfocus (indeed, these went so far as to blocking me because I blogged a criticism of them).
@o2 because I tweeted that they never respond to tweets and they never tweeted back to say they didn't not reply to tweets.  Got that?

Will add more when I can find them or if people want to send me their experiences.

See here for the opposite list to this one i.e. the companies I WANT to do business with because they HAVE responded to my tweets.