Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poem: The Daily Commute

With bleary eyes and darkened skies,
I turn to look outside.
I have a yawn, on this early morn,
Can't find my shirt or tie.

Fight the urge, and waking surge,
To get back into bed.
Don't leave you say, warm duvet
Have a cold shower instead.

Trudge to the car, it's not that far,
Nearby railway station.
Cold waiting room, train comes soon,
Always same destination.

I climb aboard, now quite bored,
Stomach starts to rumble.
Try to sleep, slumber creep,
Concious starts to crumble.

Another train, same seat again,
Noisy man on phone.
Fast countryside, flying by,
Feeling quite alone.

Try not to snore, like I did before,
Annoying all those people.
Town into view, outside brick loo,
Towering cathedral steeple.

Surly man in a business suit,
Arrogance all over his face.
Swigging lad, scowl so bad,
Tripping over undone lace.

Hard pavement stone, walk alone,
IPod on full blast.
Open the door, work once more,
Concentrate on the task.

Boring tone, so I think of home,
Lovely warm smiling wife.
Fight back a snooze, try to read the news,
Must be more to life.

Lunch comes round, something brown,
I'd rather eat my shoe.
Try to work some more, it's all a bore,
I don't know what to do.

Same train home, broke mobile phone,
At least the day is done.
Can't find a seat, I can't retreat,
But I see the setting sun.

Open the door, to my home once more,
Fall into welcome arms.
You stroke my face, heart gains a pace,
keep me safe from harm.

You smile at me, and I can see,
Why I make the trip.
To have a life, with so much strife,
So I can kiss your lips.

The meals we cook, or to read a book
We lay down together.
Keep plugging away, same thing every day,
But with you, it's always heaven.

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