Friday, September 21, 2012

Cross Country Trains are a horror.

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  1. I happen to know the author of this blogpost personally, having spent nigh on ten years working with him - with three of those spent on the Doncaster <-> York commute.

    Cross Country - you've arsed up. This man isn't a criminal, or a fare dodger - he's a frequent customer who spends thousands on your service. He's also a very nice, reasonable bloke - your guard should have been able to resolve the matter in a polite, civil way.

    That would include not slandering him - because I'll state it here - he absolutely DOES NOT travel from York to Leeds. Your guard is making stuff up - and then submitting it as evidence to the police - about your valued customer. This might be something you could address perhaps?

    Rail delays piss people off - I should know, I've suffered enough of them on that route myself. A bit of civility would make your jobs somewhat easier.

    Martin Milan.

  2. Thanks Martin for your vote of confidence there. It's currently under investigation by Cross Country (apparently) but I still haven't heard anything.

  3. Interestingly, only an hour after these comments, the investigations team at Cross Country give me a call to say things are proceeding. I'll keep this post updated with what goes on.

  4. 5 days later and no further progress. When they called on the 27th, they did seem to be having difficulty in locating the guard in question. That was one of the reasons I wanted a quick resolution so they could identify him easier.

  5. And their crew roster system is incapable of determining who this should have been?

    Had their been a murder on board, Cross Country are unable to confirm who worked that particular set?

    I rather doubt it.

  6. I agree Martin. It seems they are either incapable of finding the guard (worrying) or don't want to (also worrying).

    With the absence of information coming from Cross Country, we can only speculate why they are so unforthcoming with this information and/or progress. Frustrating, very very frustrating.

  7. Ah - so offering false testimony to a police officer doesn't even merit a mention then @CrossCountry...

    Shameful, and WAY short of what the public might expect. I hope you don't administer your own penalty fares, as I'm afraid I just lost faith in your suitability for that task.

    1. Yes, the whole lying to the police thing obviously means very little to @CrossCountryUK.